Current Projects


Trajectoires religieuses et défis identitaires de Francoquébécois nés catholiques : une ethnographie des itinéraires de sens

Trajectories and religious identity challenges of Franco-québécois born Catholics : an ethnography of personal paths of meaning

Subvention jeunes professeurs-chercheurs, FQRSC 2014-2017 Géraldine Mossière (principal investigator)


Le pluralisme religieux au Québec : nouvelles ressources symboliques en région et à Montréal. (Religious Pluralism in Quebec: New Symbolic Resources in the Regions and in Montreal)

FQRSC grant for research teams (Quebec), 2010-2014. Deirdre Meintel (principal investigator); Khadiyatoulah Fall, Claude Gélinas, Marie Nathalie LeBlanc and François Gauthier (researchers); Sylvie Fortin, John Leavitt, Gilles Routhier and Josiane Le Gall (collaborators).

To consult researchers' publications:"Religion, Modernity, Religious Diversity"


Dimensions du pluralisme religieux québécois. (Dimensions of Religious Pluralism in Québec)

SSHRC 2010-2013. Deirdre Meintel (principal investigator); Josiane Le Gall, Claude Gélinas, Khadiyatoulah Fall and François Gauthier (researchers); Gilles Routhier (collaborator). Coordinator: Géraldine Mossière.

This research comprises the second stage of a project on contemporary religious diversity in Quebec whose object is to provide a comprehensive portrait of the province’s religious landscape. Begun in Montreal (SSHRC 2006-10) the research has been expanded to various regions of Quebec. This project examines 1) the vitality and internal diversity of the Catholic Church and 2) the new religious pluralism in the regions, as it varies from one area to the other and in relation to the dynamic observed in Montreal. Three regional capitals have been targeted: Ville de Saguenay, Sherbrooke and Saint-Jérome. The main purpose of the project is to understand the meaning of religion for the people who frequent the groups studied and better understand the social role of these groups in today’s context.

To consult researchers' publications: "Religion, Modernity, Religious Diversity"


Groupes religieux, lien social et ressources symboliques. (Religious Groups, Social Ties and Symbolic Resources)

FQRSC grant for research teams (Quebec), 2006-2010. Deirdre Meintel (principal investigator); Marie Nathalie LeBlanc, John Leavitt and Fernand Ouellet (researchers); Sylvie Fortin, Claude Gélinas, Josiane Le Gall and Victor Piché (collaborators).


Pluralisme et ressources symboliques : les nouveaux groupes religieux au Québec. (Pluralism and Symbolic Resources: New Religious Groups in Quebec)

SSHRC 2006-2009. Deirdre Meintel (principal investigator); Sylvie Fortin, Claude Gélinas, Josiane Le Gall, Marie Nathalie LeBlanc and Fernand Ouellet (researchers). Coordinator: Géraldine Mossière.

The project focuses on religious groups established in Quebec, and particularly in Montreal, since the 1960s. We are examining the meaning of religious experience for the people involved in these groups (practices, beliefs, impact on daily life, social ties, etc). More broadly speaking, the project will allow a better understanding of the new religious landscape that has emerged in Quebec since the Quiet Revolution. For reports by members and team assistants, please click here.


L’accès des familles musulmanes d’immigration récente aux services de santé périnatale : conciliation des savoirs et des pratiques de soins. (Recent Immigrant Muslim Families and Access to Perinatal Health Care: Conciliating Knowledge and Health Care Practices)

Phase II (CIHR), 2007-2010. J. Le Gall and S. Fortin (principal investigators) G. Bibeau, F. Audibert, A. Payot, Antoine and F. Carnevale (researchers).